Building performance never happens by accident. Thinking about performance must begin at the very inception of a building project and the right balance must be struck between the three main measures of aesthetics, functionality and performance.

As an industry we must aspire to create a world full of ultra-high-performance buildings. Equally, as creative people, we do not want to live and work in a series of efficient linear boxes. The key is balance and we strive to deliver that balance.

We use real-time modelling software to give instant feedback on the most critical of design decisions to get them right quickly first time.

Knowing at the outset which indices have major impacts on your building and getting these right will ensure a smooth ride throughout the procurement of your project. Equally, knowing which measures do not have a great impact will allow maximum flexibility in optimising the building and agreeing relaxations, chanelling value back through the project.

Many variables are analysed over the course of a building project, the most common being; interrogation of building envelope performance and insulation, glazing performance and elevation ratios, evaluation of natural ventilation strategies and openings, plant space allocation and servicing strategies, simulation of the effects of building mounted and external shading and testing the application of renewable energy and low carbon systems.