There are lots of compliance boxes to tick when building a building. This can be a headache for most, but it’s what we do every day.

We take the worry out of Part L and Building Regulations Compliance, by keeping tabs on the decisions made throughout the construction phases so that there are no nasty surprises at completion. The building will be handed over to the client on time, with the right EPC rating and a fully completed logbook.

We ensure all the natural ventilation systems are robustly designed and detailed with the right openings and control systems. This ensures the correct airflows are delivered to each space and Part F compliance is assured.

With the continued deployment of lightweight building solutions, overheating these spaces can be a real concern. Since thermal comfort is key to productivity in schools and workplaces alike, we can ensure the building design delivers thermal comfort using any number of measuring indices whether for general peace of mind or to provide evidence for BREEAM or LEED energy modelling assessments.

Sustainable building is something we actively embrace. Since we are BREEAM assessors as well as a thermal modelling engineers, we can provide accurate, relevant evidence for many credits, including daylighting, thermal comfort, passive engineering, climate change modelling and LZC studies. With us you are in expert hands.