About Us

Whether owning, operating, designing or constructing a building, we want our buildings to perform.

Achieving the maximum performance for the lowest cost and environmental impact is the goal for construction professionals the world over.

We can help you deliver this, working as part of your team with an overall view of each element critical to the fulfilment of project goals spanning architectural, services & sustainability disciplines.

We are problem solvers with a flexible mindset; nothing is set in stone. We believe that the key is maintaining the balance in the successful interaction and harmony of elements, giving you options at every stage of the scheme.

We are building physics, simulation and sustainability specialists, working within the built environment using thermal simulation and modelling techniques to add value to your construction project. Our work covers the entire building lifecycle, from the first drop of the architect's ink to maintaining buildings after decades of use.

Do you want to know which measures have the biggest impact on your scheme? Do you need early advice on the façade and building fabric? The questions are endless & ZED has a team of engineers, modellers and sustainability professionals ready and waiting to answer them.